Symphony of Fire -Neo

Outdoor show

Our most booked show. This spectacular and unique show lasts about 25 minutes and leaves your audience open-mouthed.

No speakers but completely acoustic. Explosions as drums, flames as hi-hats and lightning instead of electric guitars. Is this real? Yes, be amazed!

It is possible to collaborate with live musicians. We have already worked together with BinkBeats, Def-P, De-Likt and many others.

Extra options: Request song, Cooperation, fire dancer, explosion drums Brutus or V12 engine Rosie.

Symphony of Fire -Neo

Indoor show

Adjustments and alternative instruments have made it possible to experience Symphony of Fire indoors.

No speakers but completely acoustic. exploding drums, smoking hissing hi-hats and lightning rays instead of electric guitars. Indoor? Yes!

It is possible to collaborate with live musicians. We already worked together with BinkBeats, Def-P, De-Likt and many others.

Contact us to discuss options and a tailor-made show.

Symphony of Fire

Opening / Starting shot

Are you looking for a spectacular opening of your event or product? Search no further! The lightning, bang and fire experts are at your disposal.

Think of flashy red buttons that activate bizarre spectacular effects such as flame throwers, carbide bangs or lightning rays.

It's something different than the mayor who cuts the ribbon.


Special effects rental

You can rent the Symphony of Fire instruments separately. They can be used as an effect or an instrument.
You may want to temporarily have lightning strikes in your EscapeRoom or attract attention at your opening with flamethrowers or exlosions.

  • Lightning strikes in your EscapeRoom
  • Lightning strikes in your video/movie
  • fFamethrowers at the Easter fire or a festival.
  • A roaring fire-breathing V12 engine at your car event.
  • etc

Symphony of Fire Ezzmeralda


Sometimes it is also nice when the visitors activate the effects. This is the most fun in an interactive way.


  • TeslaCoil JukeBox
  • EscapeRoom puzzle incl effect.

Peter en Uwe


Uwe and Peter talk about their passionate careers and it all comes together at Symphony of Fire. The audience will certainly not fall asleep in this lecture full of funny moments, fiery effects, demonstrations and crackling lightning strikes.

Waag Society: “A chemist, electrician and musician in one show, at SHA is was possible! All these disciplines came together in an impressive show by the guys from Symphony of Fire.”