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Uwe Dobberstein

Metal & Chemicals

works with: atoms


Uwe Dobberstein
Peter de Man

Peter de Man

Electronics & Software

works with: bits


Special thanks:

Anyone who was at a show.
Anyone who booked us.
Radboud Stam
Emil Salomé
Henry Kamp
Bas Jansen
Armand Scholtes
Joyce Tuut
Bart Kuijper
Erik Verbeek
Freerk Wieringa
Douwe Hibma
Han Nijhof
Christiaan Peters


Lenovo Computers
EPS Uitlaten
Kawe B.V.
CE Perslucht
Machine Fabriek Geurtsen
Machine Fabriek Eysink
Bella Macchina
Coral Tech
FabLab Enschede
Reith laser b.v.
Senior aerospace bosman b.v.
Versinox b.v.

Louritha Dobberstein
Anton aan de Stegge
Rindert Ybma
Rein Hunink
Roderik Somerdijk
Anonymous sponsors
Anyone who donated fuel money!


Peter de Man (composer and arranger)
Uwe Dobberstein (visual arranger)
Mattijs Muller
Max Ligtenberg
Almar Kok
Don Goliath
Vincent Nijhof
"You ?! , contact us."

A chemist, electrician and musician in one show, at SHA is was possible! All these disciplines came together in an impressive show by the guys from: 'Symphony of Fire'. - Waag Society, institute for art, science and technology