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Symphony of Fire

Music made by explosions, fire and lightning.

Without proper education it wouldn't be possible to have fire sound as music. It is important to inspire the young. We do this by giving shows and by hosting lectures and workshops.

Our shows are demonstrations of research to create new, save and clean fireworks. To accomplisch this we use computerscience, electronics, physics and chemistry. Only when all these aspects work together in harmony it is possible to have fire perform music.

Workshops are themed around the following subjects:

  • Fire / Chemistry
  • Electronics / Arduino
  • Composing with fire, explosions and lightning

A typical workshop starts with an introduction after which the participants get to an activitey under our supervision. The results of the participants are being tested/showed to the whole group. As a finale we will demonstrate and perform with one of our instruments.

The exact content of the workshop is dependent of theme en target audience. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Deze pioniers hebben het BAM! Festival een fantastisch knallende eindact bezorgd, Hengelo schudde op haar grondvesten! - Laura Smits
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